Building As Learning Aid


BALA for New Age Learners

BALA is about innovatively treating the space and the built elements to make the existing school architecture more resourceful with higher educational value in a child friendly manner.

 BALA is a way to holistically plan and use the school Infrastructure. It incorporates the ideas of activity based learning, child friendliness and inclusive education for children. At the core, it assumes that the architecture of school can be a resource for the teaching-learning processes.

 There are two levels of this intervention:

 • Develop the SPACES to create varied teaching- learning situations

. • Develop the BUILT ELEMENTS in these spaces as teaching-learning aids.

Door Angle protector is made at one of the entrance door Of classes that have angels in their curriculum. Care has been taken to properly align the angles with the swing of the door. Using road paints and engraving the angular lines on the floor for longevity.

Various colorful discs is painted on the central circular portion of the ceiling fans. For smaller grades these can graduate from Primary colors, secondary colors. VIBGYOR to more complex forms as shown here.

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